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Telephone: 01242 235202

“If you need a Will writing service, a Lasting Power of Attorney, or a grant of Probate, you can be sure of a sensible and practical approach to help you make the right decisions.”

Simon Greener LLB

Director, Solicitor


Are you thinking about the future? Are you concerned that someone you love needs help, but are unsure about how to arrange it?

Has someone you care for passed away, and you need help with the legal paperwork? At Davis Gregory we can take care of all these concerns for you. We offer a full service including:

  • Helping you plan for the future, looking at tax planning, how care home fees may be paid, who is responsible for making the best arrangements for you if you are unable to do so yourself, and many other matters
  • Preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) to cover financial and property arrangements, and/or your health and welfare
  • Trust planning and preparing trust deeds
  • Acting as your attorneys, to safeguard your wellbeing and your property
  • Preparing your Will or Codicil, to make sure your wishes are followed after your death
  • Storing your Will (free of charge) in our office in Cheltenham, and dealing with any changes you may want later
  • Acting as your executors or trustees, to make sure your wishes are carried out
  • Helping executors deal with the estate of you or of your loved one, taking away the worry of making sure it has been done correctly
  • Dealing with any challenge to a Will

The services we offer are important, whether you are planning arrangements for yourself, or you are trying to cope with the care of a parent or other loved one. We also specialise in helping those who are alone, without family or friends who are able or willing to look after them.

We can often work on a fixed-price basis, or to a budget we agree with you.  For example, our normal charge for a straightforward Will for an individual is just £300 + VAT, and mirror wills for a husband and wife is £550 + VAT.

This article is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute technical, financial, legal advice or any other type of professional advice and is no substitute for specific advice based on your individual circumstances. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any actions taken based on the information in this article. 

What Our Clients Say

"Went in to set up a will with my wife. A very professional service. They came recommended by a friend."
D Addey
5 star rating
"Whilst making the decision to write a will was quite difficult, actually carrying out the process with Davis Gregory was nothing but easy. Their website states “you can be sure of a sensible and practical approach to help you make the right decisions” and that is exactly what we got. Thank you Simon Greener for your professional and friendly approach. In fact we were so impressed with the service we received from Davis Gregory, we recommended them to another family member - who travelled from Bath to use their services! I would happily recommend Davis Gregory to anyone, and will certainly use them again should the need arise."
S Healey
5 star rating
"Could not rate them highly enough...gave fantastic kind support to my mother and I re wills and powers of attorney."
H Bliss
5 star rating


“If you need a Will writing service, a Lasting Power of Attorney, or a grant of Probate, you can be sure of a sensible and practical approach to help you make the right decisions.”

Simon Greener LLB

Director, Solicitor

Frequently Asked Questions

A will is a legally binding document that lays out what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. It also outlines your wishes regarding the appointment of guardians if you have young children. Wills need to be formally witnessed and signed to make them legally valid.

Making a Will is extremely important, as it is the only way to control what will happen to your estate when you die. ‘Estate’ means everything you own, including savings, property, furniture, vehicles and other assets. A will allows you to choose which family members should benefit, what gifts to make to particular friends or charities, what arrangements should be made for your children, and even what your funeral arrangements should be. If you make a will you can also make sure you do not pay more Inheritance Tax than you need to.

You need to make a Will that is legally binding. To do so, it is important to have this prepared by a specialist Wills solicitor, who can

  • Make sure that it is drafted properly using the right legal language that is clear and cannot be challenged
  • Contains everything that needs to be in it
  • The right people take responsibility for being your executors
  • It is signed and witnessed in accordance with the strict rules that govern this.

A solicitor specialising in estate planning can provide expert advice, ensure your will meets all legal requirements, and help minimise potential future challenges if you go for a 'DIY Will'. If your estate is complex or you have specific concerns, it's essential you seek legal guidance for your will, to ensure it accurately reflects your wishes and protects your loved ones.

When writing a will, you will appoint one or more people to serve as executor. When someone dies, the executor of the will becomes responsible for administering your assets. If you have been appointed as executor, you first need to obtain the grant of probate (a document giving legal authority to an executor to administer the assets of the deceased person). You then need to distribute the assets according to the wishes laid out in the will. This can be a confusing process, especially in a time of grieving, so we can guide you through this process and take care of any of your concerns. Please find out more about the services Davis Gregory Will department offers.

At Davis Gregory we are expert Cheltenham Wills Solicitors who have for many years provided a specialist Will-writing service. We will discuss with you your requirements, advise you if you are uncertain about what to do, then prepare your Will and make certain it is legally valid. If you wish, we will store the original Will for you free of charge, and provide you with a copy.

If you do not make a Will, then the law says you have died ‘intestate’. This means that despite any wishes you expressed in your lifetime, your estate may not go to who you want. For example, it can mean your estate does not all pass to your husband, wife or civil partner; step-children can end up receiving nothing and your estate will pass to the Crown (the government) if you don’t have close relatives. This is why it’s very important to make a will!  Find out more about what happens if you die without a will

Yes, you can change or update your will during your lifetime. Life events such as marriage, divorce, new grandchildren, moving house, or changes in your financial situation may necessitate updating your will. It's essential to keep your will up to date to reflect your current wishes accurately. In fact, it’s advised to review your will every 5 years. Davis Gregory are on hand to support you through your life journey, so please contact us if you wish to make any changes to your will. 

If you have minor updates to make to your will, the original document will be unaltered but a codicil will be added. This must be signed and witnessed in the same way as the will, although the witnesses don’t have to be the same as the original ones. If anything substantial needs to be changed, you should make a new will and cancel your old one.

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