“When a loved one has passed away, we are here to save you the worry of trying to obtain probate and dealing with the estate as the law directs. You will receive a friendly, efficient, attentive and personal service.”

Angela Newman LLB

Angela Newman LLB

Full Administration Service

Our full administration service is charge on an hourly rate and a value element of 0.75% the net value of the estate as shown in the HMRC inheritance tax return. Each probate specialists’ hourly rate is shown in the chart below. To help you see how this may work we have provided the following examples:

Case Example 1 (no inheritance tax):

H dies leaving a Will appointing Was executor and leaves all the estate to W.  H owned a property jointly with W together with a current account and two individual savings accounts (ISA).  H has a small credit card balance.  The ISA provider requires probate to be obtained to release the monies in the accounts.  Our team can assist in obtaining probate and distribute the estate to W including updating the Land Registry title.  Our fees would be between £1,250 and £1,500 plus vat plus probate court fees and Land Registry fee of £3.00 plus vat.

Case Example 2 (Inheritance tax payable):

A dies leaving a Will appointing B and C as executors and leaves all the estate to B & C equally.  A owned a property, four different shareholdings and two individual savings accounts.  The value of A’s estate is more than the available inheritance tax allowance and there is an inheritance tax liability.  Our team can assist in obtaining the grant of administration, including managing payment of the inheritance tax and reporting to HMRC and distributing the estate equally between B and C.  Our fees would be between £3,500 and £4,500 plus vat plus probate court fees and Land Registry fee of £3.00.  There would be additional fees for the sale of the property.

Costs not included in our fees:

  • Disbursements (see Disbursements)
  • Accountants fees
  • Chartered Surveyor fees
  • Estate Agents fees
  • Conveyancing fees (legal fees relating to the sale of the property)
  • Any Inheritance Tax due
  • Any Income Tax due
  • Any Capital Gains Tax due
  • VAT on our fees
  • Costs of professional valuations of assets
  • Any costs relating to litigation

There are certain factors that complicate administering an estate such as;

  • where there is no Will
  • where assets are held abroad
  • where the debts are more than the assets (insolvent estate) 
  • where someone is likely to make a claim against the estate

Team Member

Hourly Rate

Percentage of Time Spent on Probate Cases

Simon Greener Solicitor & Director *

£250 plus vat


Sarah Lawrence (Legal Assistant) ***

£175 plus vat



Please contact either Simon Greener on 01242 235202 to obtain a tailored quote for your specific circumstances.