“We specialise in conveyancing business premises, whether lease or owned freehold, and of all types.”

Simon Greener LLB
Director, Solicitor

Simon Greener LLB

Commercial Property Conveyancing Services

Unless you work from home, your business needs premises. We can provide a comprehensive range of commercial property conveyancing services, with our experience in acting for a wide variety of clients ranging from retailers, restaurateurs and developers, to care providers, charities, and schools. We have many years’ experience in conveyancing, both leasehold and freehold, for factories, offices, pubs, retail outlets, storage units, agricultural holdings and others.

We can assist you with:

  • General commercial transactions such as landlord and tenant
  • Development projects
  • Sales and purchase of leasehold and freehold properties
  • Funding and securities work

We also have expertise with the additional statutory procedures and other considerations associated with various niche practice areas including:

  • Voluntary sector organisations and charities

  • Care provision and care homes

We will usually give you a free estimate of the cost of our work, so you can budget in advance.