“Our fixed price legal advice scheme gives you access to detailed legal advice at a fixed and affordable cost.”

Fixed-Price Advice

Running a successful business involves dealing decisively with many different problems. Often these involve legal questions, and they need specialist knowledge to answer. Our fixed price legal advice scheme is cost-effective and is designed to give you the help you need quickly. How does it work?

Call 01242 235202 or email us and we will tell you if your problem is eligible for the scheme (we want to make sure it is a problem in an area in which we specialise, so we can be confident of giving you the right advice).

  • If we can help, we will arrange for you to have a meeting with an experienced lawyer, who will have been qualified for at least 10 years.
  • You will need to bring in any papers to do with your problem, and it can also help if you write out in your own words details of what has happened, to save time in the meeting.
  • You pay the fixed fee of £250 + VAT: we accept credit or debit cards, as well as cheques or cash.
  • In a meeting of up to one hour, we will find out about your problem, and give you advice about how to tackle it. After the meeting we will prepare a note of the main things we have discussed, and will send you a copy.
  • Although this scheme covers legal advice only, if you then ask us to act for you, in some circumstances we may be able to reclaim the fixed fee for you.
  • If you think you may want us to act for you anyway, instead of trying to deal with the problem yourself, please talk to us on a free, no obligation basis, so we can give you an estimate of the cost.

If you have a legal problem, we want to help you with it, and we will try to make arrangements to suit your needs.

Please see our printable PDF for a summary of our fixed price legal advice scheme.