“Whether you are a limited company, a partnership or a sole trader, we can help you set up or sell your business”

Simon Greener LLB
Director, Solicitor

Simon Greener LLB


When you are starting a business you have choices to make. Will you trade as a limited company, or a partnership with one or more partners, or will you be a ‘sole trader’?

What will your premises be, and will you own them or take a lease? What staff will you have, and how will they work for you?

What about your terms of business or other contractual documents?

How will you ensure that your cashflow is maintained?

We can help you reach the right answers to these and many other questions. We can take care of the legal issues, and work with your accountant or bank as appropriate to serve your best interests.

If the time comes when you decide to sell your business, again we will take care of the legal matters for you.

We have long experience in helping many different types of business, including smaller manufacturers, pubs, estate agents, retailers and IT companies, to name a few.