“Our aim is to make it as straightforward for you as we can, so that the documents that you and we sign are effective wherever they are to be used.”

Laura Srodon LLB
Director, Solicitor, Notary Public

Laura Srodon LLB

Getting ready to see a Notary

Here are the next steps to take when getting ready to see us

  • please telephone, email or call in to make an appointment, so that you can be sure that a notary will be available to see you.
  • do bring evidence of your identity such as a current passport or photo driving licence, and proof of your home address such as a utility bill or recent bank statement.
  • we will need to be satisfied that you understand the documents you sign, particularly if they are not written in English: we may ask to see a translation.
  • please make sure you have read and understood what you are signing: we are unable to give you advice about the contents and effect of the document. 
  • we may need to see relevant papers or documents that relate to the matter.
  • if you are signing a document on behalf of a company or other organisation, we will need to be satisfied that you have authority to do this.
  • there is usually free parking available on our forecourt.  If you are unable to travel to our office then we can travel to you, but please note all time will be charged at the rate of £260 per hour.