“Notary Public Services? No problem”

Laura Srodon LLB
Director, Solicitor, Notary Public

Laura Srodon LLB

Notarising Documents

If you have a legal document for overseas, you probably need our Notary Public Services. We specialise in notarising documents for use abroad. We witness and validate documents that you sign, so that they are legally effective under international law.

Our Notary Public Service means that after you have signed a document at our office, we will provide a Notarial Certificate, and add a unique seal. Often the document then has to be validated by the U.K. Foreign Office (by a form called an “apostille”) and for some countries it also needs to be “legalised” by a foreign consulate in London, and our seals and signatures are registered with them. As part of our Notary Public Service, we can arrange for all of this to be done on your behalf if required.
For most countries a signature of a Solicitor on a document to be used abroad is not sufficient, and the document must be witnessed by a Notary Public. At Davis Gregory we can witness documents for use within England and Wales as Solicitors or Commissioners for Oaths, but please note that our policy is that if documents are to be used outside England and Wales, wewill only agree to witness or authenticate them as Notaries Public.  This avoids confusion and the risk that they may not be acceptable in the country where they are to be used.

Notarising documents for individuals are used in many different situations, for example: 

  • Buying or selling property abroad
  • Proving you are still alive so you can receive a foreign pension
  • Confirming your degree or other certificate is genuine so you can work in another country
  • Giving permission for your children to travel with you
  • Proving that your instructions to a foreign bank are genuine
  • Witnessing affidavits and statutory declarations for court actions abroad
  • Sponsoring family or friends to visit the United Kingdom
  • Making arrangements for you to marry overseas

Notarised documents for companies are often used to:

  • Prove that the company exists, and the person signing a document is authorised to do so
  • Validate a Power of Attorney in favour of an agent abroad
  • Assert trade mark and other intellectual property rights in foreign jurisdictions
  • Confirm that copies of product certificates issued in the UK are genuine
  • Apply for visas for staff working overseas 
  • Ensure that contracts and other documents are legally effective where they are used

Notarising documents is a specialised service, and although different countries have different requirements, notarised documents are recognised as valid throughout the world. Our aim is to make it as straightforward for you as we can, so that the documents that you and we sign are effective wherever they are to be used.

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