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Soaring court fees 'will discourage ordinary people from seeking justice' says England and Wales' senior civil judge

Court fee increases based on 'hopeless' government research, says Lord Dyson

If you need to bring any sort of claim in the civil courts, then you may have noticed an increase in court fees to issue those proceedings.

In 2014, fees rose by up to 81% depending on the value of the claim. The government is now consulting on yet further rises.

Seems like lawyers and their clients are not the only ones wondering what these increases are based upon. The second most senior judge in the UK, Lord Dyson, recently said judges had warned the government how unfair the increases were and blamed the government of rushing them through to fill 'a great big gap' of £100m in the Ministry of Justice's finances. He described the government’s research as 'hopeless' as it had amounted to just 31 phone calls to interested parties, most of them wealthier court users. 

If you have a civil claim that needs sorting, please speak to Peter or Angela in our litigation department as soon as possible, so that you are not hit by the next fee increases.

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