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'Check settlements', couples told after divorce form E error - We say, don't worry!

There has been publicity this week about an apparent flaw in the Ministry of Justice’s online form E, which is used by divorcing couples to provide their financial details. The software did not accurately calculate all the relevant information. If you are or have been a client of our divorce departm

Your situation will be different from those people who have been affected by the glitch, because:

  • We have never used the Ministry of Justice software for form E
  • We have never used the automatic calculator on the software we do use, for the exact reason that we want to avoid errors. We have always set our programme to prevent it from printing out calculations.
  • The forms E we use are bespoke forms for each client, they are checked and double checked manually, and the figures are verified by documents which must be provided.
  • Similarly, we insist on the same procedure in relation to the forms E prepared by the spouses of our clients, which are thoroughly checked and double checked.

Laura Srodon says “I am absolutely, 100% confident that clients of Davis Gregory have no reason to revisit their own or their ex-spouse’s forms E, used in reaching the financial settlement on their divorce”.

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