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Peter Maynard LLB

Peter Maynard LLB

Debt Recovery

If a person or business owes you money but will not pay, you need to know what your options are. Below we highlight the steps you can take to recover your money.

Recovering Debts – What Action Can You Take?

There are certain steps you can take to recover debts owed to you:-

1. Write a letter

It is important to give the person or company in question a last chance to pay. To do so, send them a final warning letter stating how much it owed, and why. Ensure the letter is focused upon the facts involved: do not get drawn into an argument. Instead include information such as:-

  • Circumstances of the debt, with copies of necessary paperwork;
  • The date by which you expect payment;
  • What action you intend to take if payment is not received;
  • Your wish to have any response put into writing.

2. Speak to Davis Gregory!

If you have not managed to reach a settlement with the other party, or you have been unable to contact them whatsoever, you need to seek legal advice. We will be able to suggest what action you can take next. This may involve our sending a further letter to the person who owes you money. Once threatened with legal action, those in debt often decide to pay up. If this does not produce any results, the next step may be to make a court claim, or to threaten insolvency by serving a Statutory Demand.

We are experienced in cost-effective debt recovery. We will do everything we can to obtain your money quickly, either by negotiation or by taking court action if necessary.

Please phone Peter Maynard on 01242 235202 for more information.

Why Instruct Davis Gregory to recover your debt?

  • Highly effective and streamlined service with claims issued online.
  • You pay only our fixed fees in most cases, giving you value for money. We can recover Court fees and our costs from the debtor in standard cases.
  • Effective enforcement using High Court Enforcement Officers for judgments over £600.
  • Existing clients include national as well as regional and local companies.
  • Specialist local experts with over 25 years experience in this field of work

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