“Getting the legal documentation right is crucial. That is why it makes sense for us to discuss your contracts, terms of business, and other paperwork”

Peter Maynard LLB

Peter Maynard LLB

Contract Drafting

When you deal with your customers or clients, it is important for you each to know clearly where you stand legally. If you don’t do this, you are risking a legal dispute, which can easily cost you time and money. Although most agreements can be made verbally, it is usually better to put them in writing so there cannot be any dispute about them.

To reduce the risk of misunderstandings, terms of business are important. At Davis Gregory we can draft your terms of business and other customer documentation. We aim for legal clarity, while nevertheless keeping the language straightforward so it is understood clearly. We cannot guarantee you will never have a dispute, but we can use our skills to minimise the risk of this happening, as well as increasing your prospects of a successful outcome.

Contracts are also found in other areas of business. We can prepare staff contracts for you (every employee is entitled to at least a basic contract of employment, giving written details of pay and other main terms), or check your existing contracts for you to ensure they reflect the current law.

If you have staff who are leaving, we can prepare compromise agreements to protect you from claims by disaffected employees.

We can check for you standard terms of business offered by your suppliers, to ensure there are no hidden problems.

Although we are willing to fight court cases for you, it is much better if disputes can be avoided by ensuring that your documentation is drafted properly.